We were so happy to receive this feedback from our SayByeBugs client. Read his story below and see for yourself the power of our SayByeBugs Bed Bug Exterminator.

When I read a lot of reviews about how good SayByeBugs is I was conflicted between this either being an AMAZING product or a waste of my hard-earned money with reviews written by family & friends. With a 100% money-back guarantee there wasn't much to lose aside from the sleep we were losing at night trying NOT to be bitten by bed bugs every night. Other than buying SayByeBugs I am in no way connected to the company. Not only were we worried about Covid-19 we had bed bugs! UGH! YUCK! JUST FREAKING GREAT! WE DON'T NEED THIS TOO!
Let me say first that the money we spent on the 3 bottle kit is WELL worth EVERY penny. Followed by saying as promised SayByeBugs WORKS as it is said to work. Anyone who has bed bugs KNOWS how horrified they feel when they discover these vile vampires AND that they just want them GONE.
Once our kit arrived I followed the directions, shook the bottle WELL; (for 5 minutes) with maybe a bit of shake overkill but in this case, I'd much rather overkill than not do enough; and attacked every corner, crack, crevice, & everywhere between I could think of. Also as promised I'm SO HAPPY to say there is no offensive odor which is the SECOND best part of SayByeBugs. The best part is that it WORKS as promised! It works quickly & brings peace of mind that we CRAVE when trying to be rid of those VILE creatures. MOST ANYONE who has bed bugs
will do ALMOST ANYTHING to be rid of them.
We're almost 2 weeks post using SayByeBugs &
have seen ONE live bug in 2 weeks (which I
QUICKLY killed)! Other than the one live bug
that we killed there's ZERO evidence of any more.
We were lucky that, from my understanding, we had
a "small-ish" infestation in that they were ONLY in 1 bedroom & ONLY in the frame of the bed. We have
a water bed so they weren't inside the mattress. The frame of the bed & headboard are wood & that's
where the vermin were.
After battling these VILE creatures for almost a month before SayByeBugs arrived on our porch we were so TIRED. Tired of finding these vermin, tired of being bitten, tired of not wanting to be in our bed every night but having no choice BUT to be in our bed to keep them from spreading through the house.
Then we ordered SayByeBugs, it arrived at our
home & finally rid us of these pests! Mind you we tried EVERYTHING we could think of to rid our bedroom of these pests from home "remedies" to heating the room with space heaters to horribly chemical-smelling sprays all with minimal results before this amazing product arrived. NOTHING was as effective as SayByeBugs!
I'll ALWAYS have a bottle of SayByBugs on hand & NEVER will I travel without it. We still can't figure out exactly where these little vermin came from. We are more than happy to be sleeping peacefully again!
Thank you SO MUCH to SayByeBugs for being the GREAT product that you are, for working as promised & for returning our home to us as well as returning
our bedroom to us as the place of rest it needs to be. You've gained one more family of loyal customers
who will ALWAYS HIGHLY recommend your product.
SayByeBugs Ultimate Bed Bug Extermination Kit 6x 16oz - $19.99/bottle
We are confident that as soon as you start using SayByeBugs Bed Bug Extermination Spray,
you'll get rid of bed bugs once and for all.
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