Remember the first time you had bed bugs?

How you found them at home, and what was your reaction when you realized they are Bed Bugs?

We have been receiving many letters, emails, and messages sharing various personal experiences with bed bugs. Explaining how a person got bed bugs, have gone through ups and downs, and what in the end helped them to finally be free of them.

These stories are not only captivating, but the lessons one learns may prove invaluable to the other. So, we have decided to gather such findings in one place and are inviting you to provide your input as well.

Let Your Bed Bug Experience be a Guiding Light For Others.

You can share it in a simple one-minute video with us by answering questions such as ‘Were you able to get rid of bed bugs easily, or were there obstacles on your way to bed bug freedom?’ ‘What role did SayByeBugs play?’ ‘Looking back, is there any advice that you could give?‘ etc.

If you decide to send us a video we do not want to leave you empty-handed though! We will give you a handsome reward for your efforts: a Heavy Duty Mobile Backpack HEPA Vacuum. This thing is a beast in the area of home vacuums and will capture everything from bugs to dirt and debris. Once you have dealt with bed bugs you can still use it to keep your home neat and tidy. Although it normally costs $229.95 + Shipping, you may now get it completely for FREE!

Just do not delay too much - we only have a limited number of Vacuums we can give! Only the first 50 submitters of the video that fits the criteria described below will get the reward.

We look forward to hearing your story.

Your SayByeBugs' Team

P.S: Here's a tip if you do not know what you could do with an additional vacuum at your home: you can always give it to someone in your family or someone who is fighting bed bugs.


Send your personal video testimonial to Write your name, address and your contact data.

If the file is too big to be sent as an attachment you can also upload it on and send us the link of your video.


  • video content: recount your personal experience with bed bugs and the role of SayByeBugs.
  • video length: minimum 30 seconds.
  • cell phone video quality is sufficient.


  • You have to be located in US to receive the reward.
  • Limitation of max 1 reward per household and/or person.
  • The promotion runs until latest 5th of August 2022, or until 50 units of Heavy Duty Mobile Backpack HEPA Vacuum in total will be given away.
  • Rewards are not tradeable for cash or other items.
  • videos containing any of the following will be rejected:
    • Partially or completely visually or audio impaired, illegible, unclear, blurry or covered content.
    • Videos from very far or closeups.
    • Containing irrelevant, inappropriate, or infringing content.
  • By submitting the videos you allow the owner of SayByeBugs to use them in their marketing.